Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well, Who Would?

John Baird happily admits Tories didn’t like axed environment watchdog’s advice

Isn't it interesting that the same organization mentioned in the article cited in my previous blog entry of today's date is central to this article?

PS: Have you noticed how the CAGW crowd has pulled out all the stops recently - and in most cases are making the most absurd arguments? The last howls of a dieing animal.

And don't you just love this: "The Liberal leader immediately jumped on Baird’s words as proof of the Tories playing partisan politics in the budget."

Uh. Mr. Rae. Isn't that what a government's budget is for?  It goes along something like these lines: Governments fulfill promises made during elections or governments implement policies their base will support. It's the nature of the political game. Wanna get re-elected, give the electorate what they want.

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