Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saskatchewan's Very Own...

...entitled to my entitlements fiasco:

Saskatchewan filmmakers not happy with province's new non-refundable tax credit

Dozens ride from Saskatoon to Regina, rally against cut of Saskatchewan's film-tax credit

Supporters of Saskatchewan's old film tax credit rally outside legislature

Actor Kim Coates leads ride to protest Sask. film-tax credit cut - Film and TV industry fans ask gov't to reconsider

Kim who? Never heard of him. And that's the point

And yup. Fans of the industry. Not fans of the actual output/product of the industry.

The whole thing is enough to make your head spin, but here's what I think.

There is a place where Canadian talent goes to make it big. That place is called the USA. Those with real or at least half-assed talent go there. Those without, stay put and expect government handouts, because, after all, what would we do without them.

Not with my tax dollars, thank you very much.

Where did these artsy-fartsy types get the notion that they are God's gift to Canada/Saskatchewan and the rest of us, who couldn't care less, have to pay for their very existence, else the sky will fall in on us? This whole thing is just a wealth redistribution scheme.

Tell you what folks. If you have a good idea that you want to make into a film, you should be able to get private financiers to back you. If you are as good as you think you are, people will flock to your movies and tune in to the telly when the series airs. You and your industry will make the necessary money.

If you can't find private money or if your "art" is a big flop at the box office, then tough. There is no reason to expect that Saskatchewan MUST HAVE a film industry despite the fact that there is neither the talent nor a willing market. If you really have something to give to the world, go where the money is and leave us alone. Our tax dollars should go where it really makes a difference. Maybe you could learn something from this.

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Blogger oxygentax said...

On Newstalk Friday afternoon, Sarah Mills was talking about how unfathomable it was that Premier Wall would make the mistake of doing something like this to an industry founded on communication of ideas. She was ranting about how he's showing leadership in all these other areas, but not in this one.

I had to reply (via text) that she may be missing the point. I replied that perhaps he IS showing leadership by making a movement away from a "tax credit" that clearly isn't convincing anyone to film projects in the province.

The point is that the credit wasn't working, and the film industry knows that as much as anyone. There are few people that can actually make movies as a full time job in the province, and after 15 years, the only project that could be considered a commercial success is a TV show that is now off the air. This is hardly a stellar track record for all the money the province has sank into the industry besides this credit.

May 20, 2012 12:02 am  

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