Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Good News...

...from the Hitler Harper government:

Canadians who won’t work shouldn’t get EI
"...if a government program has become part of the problem, it’s incumbent upon the government to fix it."
Hear! Hear!

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Blogger oxygentax said...

It's a simple concept - EI isn't there to let you be choosy, it's there to give you a cushion until you find another job.

There are welders that could be making 100Gs per year, but won't get off the couch for less than 180Gs. I've personally had a former employee refuse a job because welfare pays better. The sad thing is that any move to close the taps, even a little bit, adds to the Media Party's narrative that Harper is mean.

When I heard Murray Wood spout that point this week, I wanted to phone and ask him if he gives his daughters everything that they wanted. I then wanted to ask him whether he's then "mean-spirited" for not giving into every request they make. Every parent out there should know the difference between "mean" and "responsible", but unfortunately there are many in the media that completely miss this point.

May 20, 2012 12:19 am  

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