Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Sorry Mr. Brievik, But... are insane.
"The man who killed 77 people in Norway last July has pleaded not guilty to acts of terrorism and mass murder. Anders Behring Breivik admits carrying out a bombing in the capital, Oslo, and going on a shooting rampage on the island of Utoeya, but denies criminal responsibility."
"Saying the killings had been a "gruesome" experience for him as well, he explained how he had to force himself to do something which felt so "against human nature". He offered an apology for "innocent" people who died in the Oslo bombing, referring to those who were passing by and who had no political connections. But asked if he extended that apology to those he killed on Utoeya, he said: "No, I do not." He reiterated his belief that they were "legitimate targets", and added that there were many others in Norway "who deserve to be executed, eg journalists and members of parliament"."
"Breivik said he intended hundreds should die in his attack on the Labour Party summer camp, and that a primary target was a former prime minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland. He claimed he planned to behead Mrs Brundtland, who he thought would be on the island, and post a video of this on the internet. In fact the ex-PM left Utoeya before Breivik arrived. He also hoped his car bomb in Oslo would kill the entire government."
Hmmmm. Sounds like Guy Fawkes, doesn't it. That, and that alone, should make him a hero with environuts and leftards, aka, Anonymous.

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