Monday, May 14, 2012

Darwin Award Candidate...

...from right here in Saskatchewan:

Moose Jaw man hides from police, becomes trapped in furnace duct
"The man tried to evade police officers by crawling down the chimney from the roof of the four-storey building on High Street in Moose Jaw, said Const. Sheldon McNaughton of the Moose Jaw Police Service.

He was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries and dehydration, McNaughton added.

The incident began around 10 a.m. on Saturday, when police arrived at the apartment building to check on the well-being of a man who was on the roof.

As police tried to reach the roof, the man started throwing cinder blocks at them, McNaughton said in an interview Sunday. They retreated and negotiators were called in to assist. In the meantime, the man crawled down the chimney and became lodged in a duct."
Darwin Awards are given out to people who do stupid things which result in their voluntarily removing themselves from the gene pool. Technically, I guess, this man cannot be a candidate, since he is still alive, and in fairness, he apparently is suffering from a mental illness. Real and qualified Darwin Award candidates don't have that alibi.

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