Sunday, March 11, 2012

Talk About Exposing...

...themselves, not to mention beclowning themselves:

Robocalls: Thousands expected to rally across Canada to denounce robocall scandal

Whoa! Wait a minute? Isn't Elections Canada investigating this? Do these "thousands" and their organizers know something that we don't know or are they just being leftards? You know the type. Jump to conclusions on scant evidence. Uncritically believe what the lamestream media offers up. Abandon all belief and commitment to concepts such as due process and innocent until proven guilty, etc., etc..

But really, what percentage of Canadians does "thousands" represent? Statistics Canada recently released the results of the 2011 census. We now have close to 33,500,000 people, so do the math. Even if 33,000 show up, that's less than .001% of our population. Ooooh. What a massive outpouring!

But go ahead. Protest. It's your right to make fools of yourselves and we could all use a good chuckle.

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