Friday, March 16, 2012

Taliban Practice the...

..."do as I say, not as I do" principle:

13 women and children killed in Afghan bomb
"The blast hit a station wagon travelling on a dirt road in Uruzgan province, provincial police spokesman Farid Ail told AFP.

"There are 13 people dead: nine children and four women," he said. Two others were injured, he added.

Ail blamed the incident on "Taliban, the enemies of our people who plant bombs on our public roads to kill our innocent children and women.""
If this had been an American soldier gone berzerk, we all know what would happen. The soldier would be court marshaled and given due process and the media would have waves and waves of orgasms or dilute it by mixing it in to other stuff. But who will arrest the Taliban operatives who planted the bombs or gave the orders to do so? And more especially, who among the Western media will dare to use the word Taliban in their reports or go on and on and on about it? Well, a few will. Some, in the not so Western world, will quote Afghans themselves, but not many. If it can't be blamed on the West, it ain't news.

h/t Michael Yon, on facebook.

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