Saturday, February 18, 2012

Well, Obama...

...Perhaps you need to bow a little deeper next time:

Man charged with attempted suicide bombing of US Congress
"A Moroccan man who allegedly believed he was working with al-Qaida has been charged with an attempted suicide bombing of the US Congress.

FBI agents arrested Amine El Khalifi, of Alexandria, Virginia, near Capitol Hill on Friday. He was wearing what agents had told him was an explosive vest.

He was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against US property, intending to detonate a bomb and to shoot people, according to the US justice department. He faces a maximum penalty of life in prison. A judge set a bail hearing for Wednesday."
"He was wearing the vest and carrying a gun that did not work when he was taken into custody."
"Khalifi, an illegal immigrant who is not believed to be linked to al-Qaida, had been under investigation for about a year."
Seems Western countries are getting good at catching these demented fools before they can carry out their nefarious deeds. But not so with Pakistan, where Muslims continue to blow up fellow Muslims.

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