Friday, February 24, 2012

Tories, Schmories!

The Conservatives seem to have developed a knack for stepping in it.

Tories scramble to distance themselves from illegal‘robocalls’

It will be pretty hard to take that one off their backs, even if they are barely through their first year holding the reins. Way to go, assholes! I can scarcely think of anything I value more (kids and grand kids, siblings, etc. excepted) than the traditions of Western democracies, and I strongly believe the rights and processes we have developed are as close to sacred as they come. And that means no one should be denied the franchise, nor should anyone who leans toward the opposing political ideologies be exempted from this.

I just hope the Cons put it to rest now, for the duration of their term. The last thing we need is a return of the Liberal Party, or, God forbid, a Dipper government. Well, Cons, don't con us or yourselves. We expect better of you. I hate to say it, but you've got some work to do. This stepping in a fresh, steaming pile of sh!t every two weeks or so is not healthy - for you, or for the country. Better get at it.

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