Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Meantime...

...having failed to generate an appropriate degree of panic and hysteria, we are now getting some more interesting predictions and past examples from the climate change crowd:

"Modern mammals, including humans, could be at risk of shrinking as a result of global warming, just as teeny prehistoric horses shrank to an even smaller size when temperatures rose 56 million years ago."
Or how about this one:

What caused collapse of Mayan civilization?
"The collapse of the ancient Mayan civilization may have been linked to relatively modest dry spells, researchers now say."
"The scientists noted that the droughts they saw during the demise of the ancient Mayan civilization were similar in severity to those projected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for the near future in the same region."
But I think we knew that already. And it would be interesting to know how the Mayan brought this on themselves and what happened to the Mayan "deniers", if there were any.

But it could happen here. We've already had episodes of drought, still within memory of some of our most elder citizens and it could be worse. It's just that, you know, humans weren't/aren't the cause.

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

All the exhaust from those evil Mayan autos and trucks and all the smog from those evil Mayan coal-fired electricity plants sure took their toll. And the Aztecs didn't even learn anything from the disastrous Mayan criminal eco-war on Gaia! By the time the Aztec Empire fell, there wasn't a single bit of Central American ice cap to be found. Which proves the case.

We need to return all of Western Civilization back to pre-bronze age levels, to safeguard Mother Gaia.

(Hey, my above comments are no more ridiculous than a helluva lot you can read at many of the the "progressive" eco-warrior websites.)

February 24, 2012 8:17 pm  
Anonymous Lyndsey Garza said...


I wanted to express how interesting I found your blog post: “In the Meantime...” and I really appreciate our differing views on the subject. You express that the collapse of the Mayan civilization and the shrinkage of these prehistoric horses are in no way linked. This strikes a very interesting point and you emphasize how much worse things could truly be. The possibility of a megadrought, like the one we saw in the 1930’s or “Dirty Thirties” is highly probable from the scientific studies of tree rings and the sudden recorded climate progression. Both of these factors suggest a megadrought, this time lasting for even 20 to 30 years could be possible. This really emphasizes how many argue how out of control we humans truly are in grand scheme of global “warming” and “cooling”.

I thought you might find the following video clip about Sifrhippus, the “shrinking horse”, interesting. I hope you will embed it into your blog and maybe in the future, we could swap blog roll links and widgets.

“Scientists Liken Shrinking Horse with Climate Change”

The clip does a great job of concisely sourcing and compiling news reports to emphasize the scope and context the content is being reported on. Newsy synthesizes and analyzes news into neutral comprehensive video clips showing a variety of opinions on the same topic.

Lyndsey Garza
Community for Newsy
Twitter: @newsyvideos

February 26, 2012 2:33 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

"You express that the collapse of the Mayan civilization and the shrinkage of these prehistoric horses are in no way linked."

I did???!!

Sorry, but it seems you flunked grade three reading class. You've missed the main point, namely, that climate change has occurred in the past, long, long before Western Civilization began to burn fossil fuels.

You'll find that all my blogposts on the topic of global warming emphasize the same thing, namely, there is nothing new about either warming or cooling. It's happened many, many times before in earth's long history. So, sorry, I won't shed any crocodile tears about how humans are out of control.

Oh, and the drought in the so called Dirty Thirties has been extremely over hyped. The real cause of the hardship endured during the 1930s was a worldwide economic depression. The drought was, in fact, only intermittent during the 30's.

I live in the Palliser Triangle, BTW.

In fact, in my home town, which is where I live, is both the PFRA and an Canada Agrifood and Agriculture Research Station. We adapted. There's always a possibility we could do so again.

If not, they we will go the way of the Mayans. Life sucks, but Mother Nature is far more powerful than any of her pitiful offspring, humans included, as the Mayans, and many others, discovered.

February 26, 2012 5:06 pm  
Anonymous Ben Jones said...

Another example of the importance of understanding the basic science behind things so that you don't end up reinventing the wheel over and over again.
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February 29, 2012 4:11 am  

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