Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey! I've Done That!

The gravity of the situation: Sir Isaac Newton once punched his sister
"Generations of students who had to memorize tedious lists of Great Things that Sir Isaac Newton did can take note: He also punched his sister; stole plums; and stuck a pin in someone's hat on Sunday.

The great mathematician did other bad things at age 19: Threatened to burn down his parents' house with them inside; beat up a young man named Arthur Storer; and tried to use counterfeit money.

And he had little respect for sedate Sunday behaviour. He baked pies, squirted water at friends and made a mousetrap on the Lord's Day.

He didn't pay attention to sermons."

My younger sister once threw an orange at me --- through a window, a closed window, that is. And my older sister and I were once wrestling on a bed that was close to a window, and I put my foot through the window.

I could go on. Lot's of fun, pranks, misdeeds and so on.

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