Monday, December 05, 2011

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Wasn't this publicly proclaimed Canadian stance a ploy designed to call China's bluff all along, anyway? Well done, Peter Kent!

Gee. I wonder what other good stuff Harper's hidden agenda bag contains. This one is a great Christmas present. What other stuff will the New Year bring?

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

The same old rob-the-successful-Western-economies b*llsh*t, bqacked up by bad, lying pseudo-science, then wrapped in new packaging. No thanks! Congratulations to Harper & Co. for having the guts to stand up against it, for the benefit of the Canadian people!

Here's one illustrative example of scientific ignorance that outrages me every time I read it. This time, it's emitted by Elizabeth May.

"May noted that by abandoning Kyoto, Canada is effectively walking away from low-lying island states that are at risk of mass devastation as ocean levels rise due to climate change.

"They are very forceful about the urgency of having a second period negotiated quickly," May said. "

Ahem. Do we all remember the "Eureka!" story from classic Greek history? The great Greek scientist Archimedes was tasked by a wealthy Greek king to verify whether or not his royal jewelers were ripping him off by adulterating the gold he gave them to make temple adornments, jewelry, etc. Archimedes was at first stumped about a solution. Then, when while thinking about the problem and getting into his bathtub, he watched the water displaced out the tub by his weight, Archimedes had a flash of insight, his "Eureka!" moment.

Weight, gravity, displacement! What's heavier, 5 lbs. of feathers or 5 lbs. of lead? They're the same of course, 5 lbs. is 5 lbs.

So, as far as melting ice caps raising ocean levels and drowning islands, what's heavier, 5 lbs. of water or 5 lbs. of ice? Eureka!-they're the same! The weight of the arctic ice cap -AS FROZEN WATER, ICE- is already displacing as much ocean water upwards as it would AS LIQUID WATER. So, if the entire arctic ice cap melted, it would make precisely ZERO difference on world ocean levels. Given real science showing that 1. the arctic ice cap is not decreasing, but subject to natural periodic fluctuations, and 2. as also is the antarctic ice cap, which is actually INcreasing as the world is actually in a cooling cycle.

So, the logical conclusion is that there are only two possibilities. Either Elizabeth May and the other "oceans rising and flooding" people are remarkably scientifically ignorant of even high school-level science OR that they are knowingly lying.

December 05, 2011 12:54 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Now, if Lizzie May were to take a dip in the ocean out there on the West Coast, those low lying islands in the Pacific could be in trouble.

Yes, they are scientifically ignorant. Not even yer basic high school physics has sunk in.

What gets me the most, though, is their complete ignorance of the earth's history and one doesn't have to go too far back. A couple of months ago I blogged about some underwater archeological site in Georgia Strait (between B.C.'s west coast and Vancouver Island. Aboriginal people used to live there, but in the short (geologically speaking) time that they have been there, the Pacific waters have risen enough to fill up that valley and create the island that Ms May lives on.

December 05, 2011 1:13 pm  

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