Friday, October 14, 2011

Wise Words...

...from Brian Mulroney (spoken in Toronto):

This is no time to give up on the U.S., Mulroney says
"Canada has a privileged relationship with the United States that shouldn't be squandered, even at a time when U.S. world leadership is waning and new superpowers are emerging, Brian Mulroney says.

“The resilience of America should never be discounted,..."
"“The need for Canada to safeguard and nurture our interests vis-à-vis America will always – certainly in my lifetime and the lifetime of my children – be the top foreign policy priority of the prime minister of Canada.”"
"In “some corners of this city,” Mr. Mulroney said, a close bond with the United States is viewed with scorn by “supercilious and uninformed” critics."
That'd be Toronto's Occupy Wall Street (or should that be Bay Street) crowd, and Liberals and NDPers and CBC and the Globe and Mail, etc., etc., etc.,...

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