Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feeling Somewhat Helpless,...

Boob Rae responds:

Next government will clean up Tory criminal-justice ‘mess,’ Rae says

And you think the next government will be the Liberals, do you Boob? We'll see. But I don't think the Liberal Party has a hope in hell of getting their act together to recover in time for the next election and we all remember what you did while Premier of Ontario. Still, it's good to see you giving the crime bill a pass and it's good to see you got the message sent from the electorate. Or did you? Libs have been delegated to third place, in case you didn't notice.  You seem to be saying it's only natural the Liberals will be back in power after the next election. Got some lessons to learn, I see.  But, who am I to complain. Liberal arrogance works in our favour.

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