Saturday, August 20, 2011

They'll Be Sorry...

... My CBC is... : Tell us what the CBC means to you
"CBC's 75th anniversary slogan is "Yours to celebrate." Plenty of celebrations are being scheduled for the anniversary, all of them designed to encourage audiences to express what the CBC means to them.

In that spirit, we're asking you to help get the ball rolling in anticipation of the anniversary festivities. We'd like to hear what the CBC means to you, by asking you to complete the following sentence: My CBC is...

We encourage you to be as creative (or nostalgic) as you like in your answers. Here's how you submit:

Twitter: Send your My CBC is... comments using the hastag #cbc75

Email: You can also you can also (sic) email your reports to, using the subject line "My CBC is..."

Facebook: This call for submissions will also appear on our CBC News Facebook page. You'll be able to post your comments there.

And if you have any photos or videos involving past CBC-themed events, hosts or tributes, we'd love to see them. You can submit them in the following ways:

Photos: Upload photos here, add them to our Flickr group or email them to

Videos: Upload video here. Please do not add graphics or music to the clip."
Trouble is, so few of us watch or listen to the thing. It's highly unlikely they'll really get what's coming.



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