Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Mad as a Hatter, Perhaps, But Not Stupid"

"Whilst skimming through Breivik’s manifesto the following stood out..."
"The potential list of “traitors” according to the criteria set down in Breivik’s manifesto must run into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions across Europe, so it’s a target-rich environment out there.

Oddly enough this tactic of “open-sourcing” the conflict mirrors the development of Al-Quaeda which rather than a hierarchical organizations is closer to a “brand” that can be adopted by anyone who shares its aims and acts towards similar goals.

Mad as a hatter perhaps, but not stupid or insane."
I can't help thinking this is the opening volley - well not really the opening volley, but the beginning of the latest battle - of a very old war.

There are legions of Europeans who are profoundly alienated from their ruling class and are sick of having their legitimate concerns dismissed with a wave of the hand while being subjected to a lecture of politically correct nonsense. The left has just created a new hero for the disaffected right, whom they (the left) have, heretofore, successfully shut out - almost.

Lines have been drawn.

I wonder how Europe's former colonies will respond?

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