Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waiting for CBC to Report This

Canada on bin Laden's list of targets, again.
"The Sunday Telegraph has learned that Britain was one of six countries – along with the US, Canada, Israel, Germany and Spain – identified as a target for terror strikes in the intelligence haul. Officials did not disclose specific plots or threats."
h/t BCF

"As US and European domestic security officials step up counter-terror operations amid concerns of a "lone wolf" or terror cell revenge attacks to avenge bin Laden's killing, Pakistan's intelligence services have withdrawn co-operation with their American counterparts.

Agents with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate are refusing to share details of suspects or plots in protest at the US operation to kill bin Laden, raising the potential threat of attacks on Western cities
I say it's time we dropped a few bombs on some capital cities in the Muslim world. Or hot bacon grease. CBC would report that, I'm sure.

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

Or just develop our own Western energy resources, that our enemies (the Arabs, our own lefty politicians and the anti-West, anti-capitalism hating environmentalist) are determined to prevent us from doing.

If we developed all the onshore oil and gas; offshore oil and gas; shale oil and gas; oil and gas from coal liquification/gassification; nuvclear power, we'd have more than enough *cheap*, reliable energy from Western Civilization resources.

We could tell the Arabs to take their oil and shove it up their burqas. Their economies, only able to sell oil at a very small fraction of today's prices, would collapse. (BTW, a very interesting and significant economic fact is that, subtracting all the oil sales and related activities from their Arab economies, all the Arab nations' combined GDP -from Morocco to the Persian Gulf- is a smaller GDP than that of Portugal. Portugal! One of the least important countries in all of Western Civilization. That's all they have, that and a Dark Ages death cult religion/ideology.)

What's holding us back from developing all this energy are all the bought-and-paid-for whore lobbyists for the Arabs, the hard left including "progressive" politicians and MSM propagandists, and the anti-West, anti-capitalist environmentalists.

These elements constitute the-enemy-within of Western Civilization.

May 15, 2011 11:53 pm  
Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

And another thing...

If -God forbid!- there were a successful major terrorist attack in Canada, a 9/11 or Beslan-scale atrocity, I'd bet my last buck that much of the Canadian MSM (CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, all of The Usual Suspects) and a whole bunch of whinging hard lefty politicians (NDP, not a few Grits, a whole lot of Quebecois francophone leftards, again all of The Usual Suspects) would all blame:
1. Harper and the Conservatives;
2. America...the Republicans, Bush;
3. Israel ... those damn Jooossss;
and continue to insist that -Allahu'Akbars notwithstanding, Islam is "the Religion of Peace" and that this is all victimizing poor Muslims in Canada.

May 16, 2011 12:05 am  
Blogger Louise said...

LOL! Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the CBC. There's a very good reason why I cancelled my cable subscription and put my TV in storage. I expect to live longer as a result. Now lie down and call your doctor in the morning.

There's a new day a-dawning, I think. All the aforementioned media outlets got their election prognostication all wrong and are in full on meltdown as we speak. I guess it's too soon to tell, but I think Canada is turning and they'll be left behind.

May 16, 2011 12:17 am  

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