Friday, May 13, 2011

Sorry, But I Have An Excuse

Blogger was offline for several hours and I couldn't get into the inner sanctum to post anything new. Today, now that it's back up, I've got too much on my plate to do much blogging and it will probably stay that way for the next couple of weeks or more, so, find something else to do, fer Christ sake. Spring has sprung. Enjoy it while it lasts.

One thing I am following is the stunning confessions and Mia Culpas coming from the media about their favourite political party, the Libs. They really do believe the Libs have suffered a near fatal blow. What they haven't quite admitted yet, though, is that the nearly fatal blow has hit them, too, so it will be interesting to watch as they assume the fetal position.

Oh. And this is pretty funny:

Extensive Porn Stash Reportedly Found in Bin Laden Compound

Whether it's true or not, who knows or cares. If it is true, it's hilarious. All those wives, but he still needs porn. Hah!!

If it isn't, then it must be a plot by those evil Americans to embarrass the mighty hero. Might backfire, though. I can imagine there would be a lot of frustrated young Muslim males who might want to sign up just so they can watch porn, especially since there's a shortage of eligible women, given all the polygyny so prevalent in the Muslim world

PS: Speaking of the Liberal media, read this bit from the Globe and Mail and the comments. This particular liberal media organ is not getting the sort of response it had hoped for, me thinks.

And here's a whole bunch more. It's truly amazing how arrogant the Liberals remain. Without swallowing a good dose of humble pie, I don't think the Liberals have a hope in you know where of surviving. Take this, for example, from The Star:
"A Liberal Canada is where fairness, equality of opportunity, tolerance, and social justice are fundamental values. It is a Canada that is a moderate, reasonable and respected voice in the world."
And the Conservatives are not, I suppose. Perhaps the author could explain to me how the fair and tolerant Liberal Party gave us our draconian human rights commissions and how the doctrine of political correctness was allowed to flourish under its watch?

One of the biggest problems the Liberals have is, having constructed a narrative based on lies, they proceeded to believe the narrative and have gone so far as to live entirely in a falsely constituted fairytale about their own place in the body politic and about conservatives.

Not even falling to third place has awakened them. It will be interesting to see if they can pull themselves out of their fairytale world. I doubt if they will. There aren't enough humble-berries to make enough humble pies.

And besides, even if they manage to reinvent themselves, their current legacy represents all that is wrong with contemporary Canadian society. Quite simply, in the process of reinvention, the capital L liberal brand will have to cease to exist. But they show no signs of accepting that reality. Who would? Goodbye Libs.

PPS: The media is already dredging up the old tactics.  Pssst, folks. It didn't work last time. What makes you think it will work now? Political correctness is dead. Don't you get it? Sheesh, you people are dense.

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