Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Being a History Buff...

...I have to say I hate this "could have", "should have", "would have" notion:

Britain could have 'crushed Germany within three years' if RAF had not REJECTED inventor's plans for world's first jet fighter
"The Allies would have crushed Nazi Germany 'within three years' if the RAF had not rejected plans by a British inventor to build the world's first jet-powered fighter planes, according to new research.

Inventor Sir Frank Whittle was told his designs for a 500mph jet were 'totally unrealistic' and RAF chiefs refused to invest a penny in their development.

It meant the RAF engineer was forced to circulate his patent internationally in the hope of finding a private investor.

But the document fell into enemy hands and was used as the blueprint for Germany's own jet development programme."
You can't rewind history based on hindsight. No one can know how things could have, should have or would have turned out if a different decision/tack had been taken. Every war is won or lost based on responses to initiatives of the enemy. If the allies had had better planes, who can know how the Axis would have responded?

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

And if Hitler and the Nazis hadn't caused all the great European Jewish physicists and other scientists to flee to Britain and N. America, maybe the Axis would have had a nuclear bomb before the Allies. (In WW1, Jewish Germans were as patriotic as other Germans, serving in the Armed Forces, etc. However, whenever Hitler was approached about funding for German nuclear weapons research, he looked down his nose at it and referred to it as "Jewish physics".)

And if certain US Army generals hadn't been so obtusely hard-headed, they'd have had the revolutionary suspension designs of Walter Christie incorporated into American tank designs. (They were almost as hard-headed as the Navy's "battleship admirals", who did their best to strangle US Naval Aviation in the 20's and 30's.) Instead, they told him they absolutely weren't interested and didn't care if he sold his patents and designs to the Russians, who HAD indicated an interest. So, the US Army and Marines ended up having to fight WW2 with the piece of crap Sherman tank and the Russians ultimately kicked Panzer butt with their Christie-suspensioned T-34s.

May 19, 2011 6:42 pm  

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