Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michael Ignatieff - The American/British Years

UPDATE:  Here's a blogger's take on the professor:

Michael Ignatieff - Politician

He quotes a Foreign Policy article which is now behind a paywall, but it's pretty good nonetheless. Interesting comments, too, like this one:
Actually, there's one way he can lose -- he can knuckle under in order to get elected and join the chorus within the Liberal Party, espousing all the policies that he criticized as an independent academic.

Ignatieff picked the wrong party for his foreign policy ideas.

That said, if he could drag it kicking and screaming into reality, he will have done his country a great service...."
Hear, hear!!
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Don't ya just love YouTube!?

Michael Ignatieff says America is his country:

Michael Ignatieff berates Canada for its poor record on peacekeeping, among other things:

Michael Ignatieff on terrorism:

Michael Ignatieff makes the case for torture, for the Iraq war and refers to himself as an American:

Michael Ignatieff on American exceptionalism, human rights and Dubya:

Michael Ignatieff on Quebec and Canada after the 1995 referendum:

So. Is he being his own man, or is he compromising his beliefs in order to lead the Liberal Party of Canada?

And on that note, here's one more: "The most important thing about a life is that it's yours."

Frankly, I think he's closer to being a Conservative than a Liberal and he's not comfortable in a politician's skin. If I could sense that he was being true to himself, and if I could sense he was capable of leading his party in the right direction, I might even vote for him - next time. Maybe. Depends on who's leading the Cons.

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