Friday, January 21, 2011

What the Hell??? wrong with the Ottawa RCMP?????

Fred Litwin, the man responsible for organizing the showing of Iranium at the National Library and Archives, writes in The Propagandist:
"At 4 PM, I received a call from a senior manager at the LAC that there were protestors inside and outside the building; that they had called the RCMP; who had then informed them that security could not be assured; and that they had no choice but to cancel the film."
"I immediately got into my car and drove to the Archives, arriving about 4:50 PM. The building had been closed and employees were leaving the building. Few people knew what was happening - and I didn't see any protesters anywhere. I was then informed that there were no protests - just the 'threat of protests.'"
"Were there actually threats on Tuesday? From whom? Was there just the 'threat of protest'? Why can't people protest a film? And, why couldn't the building be secured?

And, finally, why can the building now be secure on February 6th for the 'new' screening? I applaud the Minister of National Heritage, James Moore, for his determination in standing up for freedom of speech - but it should never have had to go to his office."
Is our National Librarian an Islamist sympathizer or a dhimini? I hope we get to the bottom of this. Ottawa, you suck. Big time. This is the result of years and years of Liberal Party rule. It must end!

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