Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the Meantime...

...Canada takes a stand:
"So the Canadian government put out a statement Wednesday urging all factions in Lebanon to work together, but also warning it won’t work with the new government if Hezbollah – also a banned terror group – is on top."
"With the turmoil in Egypt and Tunisia, the power shift in Lebanon has attracted less attention, though it has also seen angry street protests. Some fear it will have dramatic impact, bringing Lebanon under direct control of Hezbollah, and indirectly, Iran. Because it’s Lebanon, it’s a murky question: some think it’s a much more minor shift. Canada is still gauging whether the new government is a little Hezbollah, or a lot.

The Foreign Affairs Department issued a statement noting that Hezbollah is banned in Canada, and said the government will have “full contact” with non-Hezbollah members of the cabinet, but none with Hezbollah officials. “It will be difficult for Canada to work with a new government if Hezbollah plays a leading role,” it said." a swamp full of alligators. RTWT

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