Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Wheel's Still In Spin

Apologies to Bob Dylan, but truer words were never sung. "The Times, They are"  - indeed - "A'Changin'".

Muslim ‘Radicalization’ Is Focus of Planned Inquiry

Religious accommodation in Canada is going too far

Niqab debate: What should Canada do?

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
As we enter the tenth year following 9/11, I do believe we have finally arrived at a place where we, the inhabitants of Western civilization, have finally recognized we do have a culture, it's a grand one and it's worth preserving and defending. And political correctness is worth killing and those who promote it should be marginalized.

In fact, I think those Random Acts of Culture taking place in malls all over North America are just that. What a pity that just before Christmas we have to be shown what our heritage is in shopping malls!! I hope this new found pride lasts all year and gets stronger and stronger as the second decade of the third millennium of Christendom unfolds.

And towards that end, I promise to kick up the PC volume on this here blog. Let me begin by saying to the United States of America, contrary to what so many people around the globe are saying, including your own citizens, I do not believe you are going into decline. You've made a mistake in your last presidential election, but you have a system of government that guarantees the capacity for self-correction.

And, although there are a lot of we whiny Canadians who spend our miserable, insignificant lives dissing you and your accomplishments, please know there are many of us who respect and admire you and appreciate what you do in the world.  I have no intentions of kicking you when you are down, and in my own puny way, I hope you will take my message the heart.  You do have friends, even if we like to tease you sometimes and even if some of you fail to recognized that not all 34,000,000 of us are rabid lefties.

We don't believe CNN or MSNBC, nor do we believe our own CBC. And I hope you don't believe a word the CBC or any or your own say, either.

/syrupy but heartfelt sentimentalism

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