Sunday, December 19, 2010

For Next Year at This Time

It's probably too late for this year, but howze about next year each and every member of parliament send out a Christmas card to their constituents in which they and their family are dressed in furs. Not that I want to give Justin a shot in the arm, but that would really, really make the creepy-crawly PETA types come scurrying out from under their rocks. In fact, let everyone who customarily sends a family photo card to others at Christmas time do the same. Heck, even non-Christians could do the same thing somehow in celebration of their special holidays. Maybe put a few pictures dead flies or bug splatter on the card, too.

The possibilities are endless.

When I was a kid attending a one-room country school, we used to catch crickets and have cricket races at recess on the school porch. Great fun. We even published a newpaper called The Cricket Times, which was devoted to the sport of cricket races. Although Tavern Pig Racing should only be done by adults.

But I like this idea even better:

Some chuckles.

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