Saturday, December 04, 2010

Anyone Want to Know Why the Violence Continues in Iraq?

Read this, and understand that Iran has an interest in making the American effort to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq a failure. And until America, and the rest of the free world, understand this, we are in for a grim future.
"It tells the heartbreaking story of an Iranian university professor–Vahid Ebrahimi–whose family has been singled out for attack by the Iranian regime (I don’t know why), who crossed the border into “free Iraq” to seek asylum. He was arrested and jailed in an Iraqi prison, within which there is an Iranian government office. So that officials of Iran determine the fate of Iranian refugees in Iraq."
"...there will never be decent security in Iraq so long as the mullahs rule in Iran."
"The same goes for Afghanistan, and if the Western world continues to dither about supporting democratic revolution in Iran, this dreadful state of affairs will spread to Lebanon, and thereafter to other Arab lands. You know, the ones whose leaders keep begging us to do something…"
Read Arash Irandoost's comment, too.

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