Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nah. Nothing to Worry About Here, Folks.

UPPITYEREST DATE (BUMPED): Perhaps it was a jilted lover?
"There have been reports that the call came from a woman motivated by ill-will against the man."
"If the tip is found to be false, whoever made it could be charged with public mischief or, more seriously, a terrorist hoax, punishable by up to five years in prison."
You'll regret it, sweetie.
UPPITYESTDATE: The "suspect" has been released. Phew. (This report says 9 hours, not 11) Thank God Canadian, Swedish and Pakistani International Airways officials tend to ignore the leftards' memes. Passengers were nationals of several countries:
"The airline said there were 102 Canadian nationals on the flight, 139 Pakistanis, eight U.S. citizens, three people from India and one person each from Japan, Malaysia and Bangladesh."
Hopefully, there will be an appropriate amount of fallout landing on the right people. It's good to know the "system worked" and Janet Napolitano wasn't involved.

UPPITYDATE: The plane was cleared after 11 hours on the tarmac. No explosives were found. The "suspect" has been detained. There's a possibility the call made by a woman from the payphone in Canada was "a hoax", in which case mischief charges could be pending, if they know or can figure out who she was. There's gotta be one very angry and exhausted group of passengers and crew. I wouldn't want to be them. That's "254 passengers (minus the one man detained) — including 102 Canadians — and 18 crew members". This incident was reported in news all over the world, from China, to Australia, to Canada and the US.

UPPERDATE: He's a "Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin, aged about 30."

UPDATE: This report says a passenger on board has been arrested.
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I mean the flight just originated in Canada and was headed to Pakistan.

I'd like to know who this woman was who called in to the authorities. Good for her!! She's probably have a fatwa hanging over her head in no time flat, though.
"BBC Europe reports that Janne Hedlund of Stockholm police has told the Reuters news agency that everybody who boarded in Canada had passed security checks and as news filters in it is believed police have now boarded and are interviewing a man on board.

Sky News reports the suspect is a Pakistani national with a Canadian passport, officials said."

The BBC report is here. It was a Pakistani airline originating in Calgary with a stop in Toronto.

Cue up the sickening chorus of repetition from the left now: "Oh, but not all Muslims are radical.", as if that has any relevance at all.

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