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It's All About the Oil, Illegal Wars, and Other Nonsense from the Left (Old Post Previously Unpublished)

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Great chart showing oil reserves and production of leading oil countries. Iraq's is minuscule.

Big U.S. oil companies make deal to return to Iraq

Saudi Arabia

Middle East

Tehran Times


Middle East Crude Oil Production and Exports
"Currently over 60% of exports from the Middle East are destined for Asian markets, where they sell at a premium. The geographical proximity of the two regions, growing Asian supply deficit and absence of alternative sources for Asian countries will result in an even larger share of eastern sales for Middle East Oil. However, the relationship between Asian refiners and Middle East producers is not seamless. Asian refiners have complained for some time about the premium they are charged on Middle East oil. In the future it will become tougher for producers to charge this premium, and also for Asia refiners to pay the extra, because of consistently poor refining economics in the Asia-Pacific region, and deregulation in Asian countries exposing domestic refiners to harsher economic realities."
Legality of invasion

Iraq's attempt to enter Saudi Arabia

Is there a military solution to terror

Lancet Study Farce

Democrats on Iraq's WDM

Iraq's oil contracts, March 2008

Iraq invites oil companies

Iraq Energy Expo

World's top oil producers, 2006

ed driscoll

How many people did Saddam kill?

And from an exchange at the now defunct blog "Soldier's Dad" which I really, really miss (complete with typos in the original):

The modeling in the 1970's as to what would happen if Middle East oil stopped flowing was 30,000 people a month would freeze to death in the first winter in Europe. Unemployment in Europe would reach 50% withing 90 days and unemployment in the US would reach 50% in 180 days. Envery energy dependent country in the world would face massive civil unrest. Then the real war would start.

Neither China nor India were particularly large energy consumers then. They are now.

We all need to personally thank Jane Fonda for the movie "China Syndrome" which made it politically impossible to build a nuclear power plant in the US.

Whose the worlds second largest oil producer...Russia. Really slick plan the Russians had...the way to bring the West to its knees was to cut off the oil and keep the West from actually producing an alternative.

So our usual communist sympathizer suspects on the hard left were taught to chant

"No war for Oil"
"No No to Nuclear Power"

I am I forgot...the US has enough coal to meet our energy needs for 1,000 years...and yes your car will run on gasoline refined from coal.

"No No to Coal"

In the meantime the Soviet Union went merrily along installing dictators anyplace in the world that had more than 3 drops of oil.

Hugo Chavez is too stupid to get himself elected dog catcher never mind Glorious Leader of a major oil exporting country...he had help.

Whose the hero of all the anti-war groups in the US...Hugo Chavez.

I wouldn't be surprised if the KGB sabotaged Chernobyl deliberately in an effort to convince the Western Europeans that Nuclear Power was bad, bad, bad and keep them nice and dependent.

Then we have this years presidential race...the Obama messiah is a manufactured candidate if I ever saw one...who manufactured him...some guy from Syria named Rezko. Syria is yet another Soviet puppet state whose glorious leader is a complete idiot.

I don't think we can use Jerry Brown as an example. His father was a serious "Bring Home the Bacon" politician. Blather on endlessly about the "Environment"...and then happily show up
at a ground breaking for an Asbestos Factory that would employ 10,000 at $20 an hour. If an "environmentalist" builds an asbestos must be okay...right?

I used to work for a major entertainment complex in Europe...the neighbors rightfully complained about the noise.

We needed more office space...but the building was a "Historical Architectual Building".

For the price of a Mercedes Sportscar the politico manage to get the local population to "Demand" we put windows in the openings.

We had been appealing to the local "Historical Society" for years to allow us to put we could get 30K sq feet of office space below the bleachers and rent it at a tidy profit.

Once the locals were in a tizzy, the historical society relented.

Thats what a "Jerry Brown" type of politico can accomplish.

I'm sorry...but there is a world of difference between a political opportunist and an ideologue.

When I look at Obama's pals...I see Ideologues. Ideologues get people killed.

I remember an interview that Dianne Sawyer did with Yeltsin. His mother died for a lack of medication that US physicians hand out like candy to the elderly in the US. The Soviet Premiere's mother died because he couldn't get medication that the poorest of the poor elderly in the US eat like candy.

Ideology killed Yeltsin's mother.
SoldiersDad | 06.10.08 - 11:43 pm |

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