Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anybody Ever Hear CBC Refer to a Group of People...

...as far left?

Well, here's a challenge for ya', CBC. Describe this:

This is what was going on while Glenn Beck's "far right" rally was taking place. Just look at all those white faces at Sharpton's rally, listen to his inclusive rhetoric, then take a look at the person being interviewed at the 2:30 mark of the Reason TV's vid (at the "far left" link). I know you'll be ideologically challenged, but come on. You're supposed to be "balanced", aren't you? Let's see you rise to the challenge.

And by the way, you've supposedly had a third party looking into bias at the CBC. As I've said before, over and over again, it's not your coverage of the politics in Ottawa which is where the bias seeps in. It's in EVERYTHING that you choose to cover and EVERYTHING you choose to ignore.

ht for the vid to Flopping Aces

And speaking of Flopping Aces, take a look at this poll. CBC will be totally apoplectic.

And from the Democrat heartland: "Miss me yet?" Bush T-Shirts Outselling "I Vacationed With Obama" Ones

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