Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reason # 1,258 Why You Don't Need CBC

Having listened to this video from Fora TV, I was intrigued to learn more about Ian Plimer's remark that there is geological evidence of a great flood some 7,400 years ago. So a quick search on YouTube dug up the series below.

Not withstanding an annoying reference in a couple of places to "growing" wine, what's interesting about this series is the combined use of history and archeology. The film uses Biblical (and Torah) accounts as historical records, but also looks at earlier written records from ancient Sumeria, the Gilgamesh stories in particular.

These stories show how very similar stories exist in the legends of neighbouring cultures (Gilgamesh, in particular) throughout time and that subsequent stories, such as the flood story in the Bible is so similar in many ways to the Gilgamesh stories, but also greatly embellished (ie. exaggerated) kinda like the Indian version of the treaties in Canada.

Apparently the Koran also includes the story of Noah's ark, but this video gives no clues as to how similar or dissimilar it is to these earlier versions. This is nothing new, of course. The Koran has many of the Biblical stories in it, each of them somewhat different than the traditional Bible stories.

Also fascinating is Plimer's statements about geological evidence of a great flood in that area of the world.

Oh. And there's beer, too. Old Noah and his passengers may have survived on it and Noah himself could well have been a heavy drinker, if not an outright drunkard. Have you ever wondered how Noah's sons went on to repopulate the earth? There are sooo few daughters mentioned in the Bible, but somehow they managed to "repopulate" the earth. But I guess if you can believe in the virgin birth, you can believe in anything.

Stay tuned. I'm gonna look for more on Plimer's "geological" evidence of the Great Flood.

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