Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh My God!! Another BWHAHAHAHAHAHA From Iran

It was only a few days ago that Iran's ruling Mullahs declared it was illegal to engage in sexual intercourse during the day.

I joked at the time that it would be one more thing to do on the roofs at night. Looks like I wasn't that far off.

Now they want them to start procreating like mad.

Gotta do something to keep them off those roofs at night.
"The program would be especially attractive to the lower income segments of the population formed the backbone of Ahmadinejad's support in the 2005 and 2009 elections.

Throughout his tenure, the president has promoted populist policies in Iran, where 10 million people are estimated to live under the poverty line.

It is unclear, however, where the funds would come from as the government is already having trouble paying for basic infrastructure projects."
"Under the new plan each child born in the current Iranian year, which began March 21, will receive a deposit of $950 in a government bank account. They will then continue to receive another $95 every year until they reach 18. Parents will also be expected to pay matching funds into the accounts.

Under the initiative's rules children can withdraw the money at the age of 20 and use it for education, marriage, health and housing.

Iran's official unemployment rate is about 10 percent, but estimates say there are 3 million unemployed people of working age in the country.

Following the 1980s baby boom, some 26 million Iranians are between the ages of 15 and 30."
And they are the ones out in the streets protesting today. Yup. Off the roofs, off the streets and into the bedrooms.

This regime is filled with idiots.

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