Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Morning Roundup

Fate of Franz Kafka's literary heritage turns into nightmare ruled on by judge
"Four desposit boxes were prised open. Inside were manuscripts, drawings and letters from the Czech writer that had been locked away for more than 50 years, as Kafka experts around the world waited with baited breath. But the expectant Kafka enthusiasts, historians and critics will have to wait longer, after two Israeli sisters who insist they own the papers by inheritance from their mother banned all reporting of the boxes' contents."
"Today's unlocking at Zurich's UBS bank of safes sealed since 1956 was attended by lawyers representing, on one side, Eve and Ruth Hoffe and the German literature archive, and, on the other, the state of Israel and its national library"
"Shortly before his death from tuberculosis in 1924, Kafka wrote to his friend Max Brod: "Dearest Max, my last request: everything I leave behind me ... in the way of diaries, manuscripts, letters ... [is] to be burned unread.""
IMHO, this is state intrusion of the worst kind. I hope the family's wishes are respected. But really, even the family betrays their famous ancestor.

Journalist Sokratis Giolias gUnned down in Greece
"According to colleagues, he had been about to publish the results of an investigation into corruption."
"Police said ballistics tests tied the killers' guns to previous attacks by the Sect of Revolutionaries."
""Journalists, this time we came to your door, but next time you will find us in your homes," SR said."
Lefties and their endearing ways.

New family laws to help combat domestic violence
""This addresses an important gap in the current law and recognizes that violence -- even if directed exclusively at the spouse -- can still be harmful to a child," the government wrote in a white paper on family law changes released yesterday."
Hey, a Liberal Party government that does something right!! How refreshing! Good on you, Gordon Campbell.

And now from the ridiculous to the sublime:

Mexico arrests man with 18 monkeys around his waist

Say what???

Now, if you haven't got tears in your eyes after you've seen/read this, you're a cold-hearted SOB:

Life-changing surgery

Toddler has second tumor removed from face

God bless him and his parents, Dr. Waner, the thousands of Canadians that donated money to the cause and, especially Edmonton Oiler, Gilbert Brule!!
"Edmonton Oiler Gilbert Brule happened to be in New York this weekend and met up with the family. Brule, like many others, was touched by Maddox's story and donated $10,000 to the trust fund."
(Watch the video)

And hey! Hats off to the Yanks for their medical miracles.



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