Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes There's a "Slow News Day"

...but in the last few days, not so much.

The rent-a-riot crowd prompts a wave of counter-protest the way it should be done - in the press and on the blogosphere.

G20 protests prompt 150 arrests

G20 police round up protesters

Anarchists run wild in Toronto

Riot brings a new kind of tourist

Toronto in Total Lockdown for Protests

G20 Oh Noes, Brutality Against Protesters (Read the comments.)

Ministry of Irony: Anti-capitalism Protester At G20 Summit, Wearing Ferrari T-Shirt, Taunts Riot Police

Canadian police are either useless or dangerous. As I keep telling you.

Smashing Up Toronto

Some are actually reporting the progress made so far by the G20 meeting:

As world walks economic 'tightrope,'G20 leaders pledge to slash deficits

G20 Leaders in Canada Urged to Cut Deficits

Even the New York Slimes, fer chris sake!!
"Mr. Obama came to the summit table this weekend with a strong hand to press his case to foreign leaders for tougher banking regulations, after Congress agreed to a far-reaching overhaul of the American regulatory system. But he was hindered in his effort to persuade other governments to keep stimulating their economies."
"Mr. Cameron added, “Those countries that have big deficit problems like ours have to take action in order to keep that level of confidence in the economy which is absolutely vital to growth.” He joked that he could not afford to pay for the helicopter ride that Mr. Obama had given him Saturday from the isolated site of the talks to the subsequent G-20 session in Toronto."

h/t Pat Dollard

I get the feeling Harper has taken Obama under his wings and is going to gently wean him and his adoring press from their Marxist economics mindset. The two leaders seem to get along well. Maybe a day on the links up at Huntsville is where the most progress will be made. Lord knows, Obama needs it.

And by the way, have you noticed how little coverage was given to the Huntsville summit by the CBC? It's all below the virtual fold and some of it buried on the third page. Covering riots is so much more important. Like pouring oxygen on a fire, it makes for more exciting news reports.

And some of the commentary hasn't forgotten there is other totally non-G20 Summit news to report, either:

G8 'fully believes' Israel will attack Iran, says Italy PM

h/t Free Republic

And lets not forget Iran: Iran cancels plan to send ship to Gaza

h/t Bear Diaries

And how about this blow to the Grand Daddy of global leftardism:

Georgian authorities pull down Stalin monument

And Obama, and the media that worships him, take more hits while scouting out new golf courses.

Obama Gives Press the Slip (Again) WHOA: You've got a lot of golf course here, don't you?

Funny, huh? When The One evades the press, it takes the blogosphere to bring it to our attention, but when Harper does, well that's a different story worthy of bold headlines in the Canadian MSM.

Don't forget the Media Dr. Hanson

Nope. The media too often get a pass. But the blogosphere may be turning that around.

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