Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sask Farmers Packing It In

 Rain swamps farm economy
"There are 10 million unseeded acres in the province."
"This is the most unplanted acres we've had in the history of our province," said Weber.

Only 70 per cent of the 2010 crop has been seeded, noted Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud.

If the latest weather forecast holds, farmers won't get much more than that in the field, he said."
"With $200 of gross revenue lost per unseeded acre, said Weber, that's $2 billion taken out of Saskatchewan's agricultural industry."
"Agribusinesses such as seed, fertilizer and pesticide companies and farm equipment dealerships will also lose revenue this season, said Weber."

"To make matters worse, a second weather system is predicted to begin next week, extending wet conditions into a 10-day period.

Weber said the long-term wet weather will hinder weed control."
I think we've only had three or four days of sunshine in the last month. People are building arks.

Not good.



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