Monday, June 14, 2010

My, My! Are Things Changing on North America's Campuses?

First there was University of Denver. A panel of prominent conservatives were actually allowed to speak on its campus:

Now we have this:

Muslim Student Union Suspended at UC Irvine

Funders and alumni donors must be withdrawing the cash cow. About time.

The left will tell you it's the Jooooish lobby, of course.

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Blogger Indigo Red said...

I attended a panel discussion at UCI when the original Mo'toon debate was fresh. The Muslim Student Union was there to disrupt the proceedings, but weren't as sophisticated and organized as they would later be. Nevertheless, the cops had to form a line in front of the dais to protect the speakers at one point and escort out in turn half a dozen mohammadans before the whole group got up and left. Once outside, the MSU made the atmosphere very tense as people went off to their cars. Some folks asked for police escort into the parking structure which MSU members had occupied to shout their slogans from a greater height.

I arrived before the show started and examined the MSU info table. One mussleman started dawa-ing me and he gave me a Noble Qur'an to read. I thanked him for the book and turned pages while he was talking. One of his points I argued against and went to my new Noble Qur'an to refute his point. When I read the passage to him, he said I had taken it out of context and that it was not an accurate translation. I asked how it could be inaccurate and out of context if he himself had provided me with the translated text and recommended it because it was an accurate translation. He sputtered something incomprehensible, then glared at me. I thought I was going to be beheaded right there in front of God and everybody. Fortunately, the doors opened and my life was spared.

June 15, 2010 2:41 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Good for you. I'm betting 90% of them haven't even read the thing, themselves.

And BTW, I like your use of the appropriate politically incorrect words. Poke 'em in the eye, I say.

June 15, 2010 3:27 pm  

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