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You don't suppose the upcoming Saturday, June 12 anniversary of Iran's sham elections has anything to do with this, do you? Is someone trying to divert the world's attention away from the streets of Iran?

Iran to send ships to Gaza - Iranian Red Crescent sending two aid ships this week
"The ships will be sent to Gaza by end of this week."
Why not create a little incident to rally round the Jew-hating troops while you're putting Green Revolutionaries in jail?

In the meantime, here's a snippet from an open letter written by an Israeli to Helen Thomas (emphasis mine):
"In 1947 upon hearing of the UN resolution on the partitioning of the country, they (author's parents) danced in the streets, even though most of the area of Israel was torn from its sovereignty. For brands who survived the fire, it was enough.

The Palestinians and Arab countries, who gained most of the area, refused to accept the UN resolution and began a war to annihilate us. Only three years had passed since the liberation of Auschwitz and again we – the Jews – faced the danger of annihilation. To our joy, 600,000 Jews were victorious over millions of armed Arabs. It appears that justice has power and strength of its own.

IN THE 62 years of our existence, we have had seven wars, thousands of terror attacks, buses which have exploded in streets, firing into schools, mortars fired on kindergartens. Yet you wish to exile us back to the inferno, as if nothing happened 65 years ago in Europe, as if our hands have not been stretched out for peace since the establishment of the state?

We were victorious in the wars imposed upon us by Egypt and we signed a peace agreement with it after yielding all the territory and all the oil. We signed a peace agreement with Jordan. We yielded all the territory and much water. We withdrew from Lebanon to the international border and, in return, we received Hizbullah katyushas on our citizens. We left Gaza and in return, we received massive firing on our citizens in the South. Are you aware, Ms. Thomas, that many children from Sderot and the area around Gaza wet their beds until a late age out of fear of the Hamas missiles? And it is us that you wish to exile? Why? Because you think that we are weak or because it annoys you that we are not defeated?

As someone, who throughout his adult life has been a member of the Israeli “peace camp,” notwithstanding you and your strange and angering views, my friends and I (and I hope also my government) will continue to turn over every stone and scour every corner to attain peace. Peace, which will enable us to the smallest extent to live and our neighbors, the Palestinians, to establish a country and to flourish and prosper. To achieve this, we are prepared to make great concessions, to give back all the territories gained as a result of wars which our neighbors forced on us. There is only one thing we want in return – life. A quiet life, a life without terror, a life without, a life without missiles, a life like the one you have in Washington and which I, in Israel, also deserve.
God willing, he shall have it, but in the events of this past week, the involvement of Malaysian money, Turkey's shift toward fanaticism and the growing evidence of Iran's machinations leave me seriously concerned for Israel's future. Europe is in economic shambles. Barack Obama is a weakling on the foreign affairs file and a lame duck at home. Will there be anyone with clout capable of standing with Israel or, indeed, anyone who actually wants to?

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Blogger Arty said...

Which side of this conflict do you think Obama is on? We might be in for a surprise.

June 07, 2010 9:09 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

If you mean he might actually develop some balls and do something in Israel's defense, yes that would be a surprise. The guy has bowed before too many corrupt potentates and has nearly bankrupted his own country. I think he's hell bent on withdrawing America back to its old isolationist policy. He certainly can't afford another war, financially, in any case. Politically, maybe not so much. A shift to the right may be just what he needs, but I don't think he has it in him to take bold decisions. It would mean he'd have to take the blame and couldn't saddle Bush with it, not that he wouldn't try.

What do you think he'll do?

June 07, 2010 9:38 pm  

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