Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Hobbits are Stirring

According to a translation available at Gates of Vienna, the theme of this article contends The Netherlands is in for a nasty ride in the lead-up to their June 8th election, thanks to the "likelihood of political violence" due to "(t)he strongly polarized and intense debate on Muslims...". Gates of Vienna also links to Elsevier's website, and quotes some of the comments (in translation) attached to an article about this issue:
"If anything happens to Geert, the fences are down. If not: will the last Dutchman then switch off the light please?"
"This scenario was totally free, unselfishly but exclusively arranged for you by the politically correct, established order in a never ending indirect call to “put an end” to the risk that is called Wilders. If anything were to happen to Geert Wilders, a disaster will descend on the Netherlands, as I predict. You can not continue desecrating a million and a half people with impunity. Vote Geert Wilders!"
"“The left” can but hope that nothing goes wrong with Mr. Wilders. For if in addition to Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, a third political assassination were to take place, then of course hell will break loose. Then all the brakes are off and there will finally be big trouble. Because it of course it cannot be that you, as leftist elite, have worked towards this point for decades, and then come forth out of the battle unharmed.

People like Bos, Cohen, Kant, Pechtold, Halsema, Vendrik, Hamer [politicians of the PvdA, Socialist Party, D66, GreenLeft — translator], and another dozen more will have a lot to answer for. Then there will be nothing peaceful and tolerant in this society. Then it is revolution. This time not from the left but the right."
"If Akerboom thinks the PVV can become the biggest party, then the club of opponents of Wilders knows that it will call the wrath of the majority of the Dutch people upon them. My advice to those who have plans to put an end to life of Wilders: the group you intend to represent (of whatever corner) will be the victims of such an attack. Wilders represents A REALLY LARGE GROUP of people who use their democratic means to make their voice heard, and you should better not make them angry. The bucket is filled to the brim. Do not become the last drop!"
"If Wilders is murdered, what happens will be what always happens: nothing. The Dutch are the hobbits of Europe: they live in their little provincial world, while outside the great world rages. They are not heroes, no revolutionaries, they are just Dutch who long for the summer, in which they can make Europe happy with their caravans."
Seems like there might still be some Dutch who appreciate freedom and are ready to fight for it. It's so refreshing to see the push-back against the leftist elites. This should be interesting to watch, especially since the date of the Dutch election is only four days prior to the first anniversary of the sham elections in Iran. While Iranians are rioting in the streets in a valiant struggle to overthrow an Islamofacist state, the Dutch, heretofore, seem to have been willing to let leftist politically correct Islamofacist apologists destroy their civilization.


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