Thursday, March 25, 2010

Somewhat Surprised

...but oh so gratified, I am amazed at the number of Canadian online newspapers that are condemning the U of O and their anti-free speech theatrics.

Check out the list of article listed below this one.

Here's some others:

Ann Coulter and Free Speech? Hardly

Coulter's right to free speech defended

Stephen Shurka: Should Ann Coulter be muzzled?

Does Coulter have the right to speak her mind?

Stepping on free speech to keep out Coulter

Call for U-Ottawa apology to Coulter

Universities are bastions of free speech? Not in Canada

At Ann Coulter event, 'lots of hate speech - from students'

Even if Ann Coulter is a villain, she isn't the villain of this piece

Houle should apologize to Coulter, U of O teachers' organization says

Silencing Ann Coulter

Against conservatives

Mob rule 1, free speech 0

Coulter in Cowtown

Looks like our press gets it. Most of it, anyway. (Conspicuous by its absence is CBC, surprise, surprise.) Now, if we could just get our universities and our human rights commissions (and the Conservative Party of Canada) to understand the concept.

Long live free speech in Canada!! What's left of it..


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