Monday, February 08, 2010

The Game is Up

Feds pull funding from FNUC!

It's interesting that this afternoon there is news of misappropriation of funds by Nova Scotia's Premier, Darrel Dexter, to the tune of $2,150. Wow!! Peanuts by comparison, and he immediately owns up and apologizes. In contrast, take a look at what the FNUC goons were doing with the public's funds.

A First Nations student himself (herself?) sums it up quite nicely:
"I applaude the Government for stepping up to the plate for cancelling the funding to the FNUC, ITS ABOUT TIME!!! I am still hopeful that the FNUC is shut down permanently and that the University of Regina takes over. I do not believe that the First Nations people should have a separate University to educate our people nor do I believe that "Indian Politics" has a place in post secondary education. I have a degree from the U of S, I was accepted and "made it" on my own merit, I did not need a First Nations University to obtain my degree, I did not need to be segregated from non-Aboriginals because I wanted to be educated with the same standard of education as our non-Aboriginal people because they are the people that I have to work with, get along with, to compete with in the job market and to co-exist with in todays society. I am very tired of our people always blaming others for their wrongs, blaming the residential school system, which by the way I am a product of, but I CHOSE not to let my experience drag me down, I CHOSE to move forward in my life and make something of myself rather than sit back and continue to blame others for what was done to me. I am embarrassed by the actions of our "leaders" at yesterdays FSIN assembly. Although I was not present, I do listen to the news and was very sorry to hear about the treatment of the Indian & Metis Affairs Minister by our so-called "leaders". Not once did I hear of any of our "leaders" take responsibility for all the mis-management of funds, and other problems that have plagued the FNUC since 2004, I also did not hear of anyone mention or acknowledge the Government of all the chances they were given to rectify their problems. Quite frankly, they were given 1 too many chances and I am of the opinion that the Government should have taken action sooner than this week. Indian Politics has absolutely NO PLACE in the education system. Those First Nations Chiefs that were very vocal and angry need to step back and think about supporting their people to obtain a good, quality education and if their people are required to attend a "normal" university, then so be it and they need to support their people to do so. Thank goodness Guy Lonechild abolished the current board and lets hope the next board are not Indian politicians but academics who know their business and have the ability to manage FNUC if in fact FNUC continues to exist after this final and embarrassing fiasco. And Indian people wonder why "white people" say all kinds of things about us and put us all in the same pot??? Hello!! Its situations such as this that makes us all look bad. Its time for our "leaders" to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their mistakes, learn from it and make this Province a better place for all of us."
I would love to see the entire nest of rats cleaned out.


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