Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All Sound and Fury...

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Some of the questions I asked below are answered by Carolyn Glick in this video. Watch for it at 8:10. No wonder the Israeli's took him out. Listen to what she says about the high-altitude electromagnetic pulse bomb, too. Scary, scary stuff.

And while I'm at it, I might as well add this update to an earlier entry.
...signifying nothing.

All this chatter and international posturing about Mossad's brilliantly executed offing of Hamas goon, Mahmud al-Mabhuh, will last only a few days. After all, forging British passports and all that is pretty serious stuff, so we have to feign a serious affront, but in reality, who really cares? There's one fewer Hamas goon to worry about, and that's the main thing. I suspect many Arab countries would agree.

What I'm interested in, and what neither I, nor anyone else, will likely ever know, is how they managed to plan and execute it. What did they know in advance and how did they come know it? When did they have the passports produced? Whose cooperation did they have? Did al-Mabhuh travel straight from Israel to Dubai or did he enter a third country, in the interim? Is the outrage, say on the part of Great Britain, or even Dubai, just an exercise in plausible denial? What was al-Mabhuh doing in Dubai? Who tipped the Israelis off as to which hotel he would be in? And did Iran have a hand in the poker game? After all, Dubai is only a pleasant afternoon boat ride away from a major Iranian sea port.

In any case, it was a master stroke of genius, and Israel is still the best ally the West has in the Middle East, so this will pass into obscurity in a few weeks at the most - or even days. Then, some thirty years later, we may learn about an obscure diplomat's secret role in the whole affair, similar to this one. In any case, it's certainly not the first time Israel has pulled off a brilliantly executed piece of international intrigue. They are good at that because they have to be.


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I still consider it a bad case of a head cold.

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