Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Like I Said..

...who needs television? One can get all the informative, educational and interesting audio-visual pieces one could desire right here on the Internet. For example, go watch Glenn Beck's treatise on the biggest mass murderers of the twentieth century right here at Ed Driscol's corner of Pajama's Media. We all know about Hitler. Less known is Stalin's and Mao's chilling ideology and staggering death toll. He may have missed one or two, such as Pol Pot or Saddam Hussein and others. Mr. Mug-Shot-On-T-Shirts-Coffee-Mugs-and-Posters Guevara may not have as much blood on his hands as the aforementioned, but he was clearly cast from the same ideological fanaticism as these others were. It can happen again, folks. Just look around you and see how many young folks are sporting Guevara's mug shot on a piece of clothing, a poster or a coffee mug. Just listen to the global warm mongers and the multi-culti Islamofacist apologists.


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