Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Further to the Munk Debates

The Munk Centre, a think tank affiliated with the University of Toronto, hosted a debate yesterday on the "crisis" of global warming. It was live streamed for the general public and eighteen other Canadian universities. The debaters were Elizabeth May and George Monboit for the scaremongers side going up against Lord Nigel Lawson and Bjorn Lomborg on the opposition.

I signed up to watch it and because of that, I was the recipient of an email this morning, and this, in part, is what it said:
"Going into the debate the audience vote on the resolution – be it resolved climate change is mankind’s defining crisis and demands a commensurate response – was 61% in favour and 39% opposed.

At the end of evening, the opinion had shifted among the 1,100 attendees: 53% of people agreed with the monition and 47% were in opposition."
Amazing. A debate held at the University of Toronto, in which faculties and students from eighteen other universities participate, and at which the audience is subjected to the reasoned arguments of the dreaded deniers actually results in swaying 8% of the crowd away from their "sky is falling" hysteria. There is hope yet. If you missed it, it's available here.

Meanwhile, take a look some of the other news from the last few days:

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Blogger Xanthippa said...

I tried to watch Steve Paikin interview Monbiot the night before the debate... I could not finish!!!!

The guy is such a fake!

He claimed to denounce the CRU scientists, IF it turned out they 'misrepresented data'....and then went on to actively misrepresent a whole pile of data himself!!!

This guy cannot be taken seriously: he contradicts himself all the time, and even an accomplished interviewer like Steve Paikin seem to be afraid to call him on his glaring inconsistencies.....

December 03, 2009 10:24 pm  

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