Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Surprise Here

Buying Green can be license for bad behavior
"Researchers found that buying green can lead people into less altruistic behaviour, and even make them more likely to steal and lie than after buying conventional products. Buying products that claim to be made with low environmental impact can set up “moral credentials” in people’s minds that give license to selfish or questionable behavior."
"Mazar, along with her co-author Chen-Bo Zhong, an assistant professor of organizational behaviour at the Rotman School, conducted three experiments. The first found that people perceived green consumers to be more cooperative, altruistic and ethical than those who purchased conventional products. The second experiment showed that participants merely exposed to products from a green store shared more money in a subsequent experimental game, but those who actually made purchases in that store shared less. The final experiment revealed that participants who bought items in the green store showed evidence of lying and stealing money in a subsequent lab game."
Hummm. Reminds me of an encounter I had with a certain counter-culture group when I was a young, hot-to-trot socialist hippy type back in the late 60's and early 70's. I hung out with folks who hung out with folks that kind of subscribed to communal living. The commune didn't last long, because they couldn't get along and one or two preachy personalities tried to dominate everyone else, surprise, surprise.

Some of them were also involved in the Saskatoon "free school"movement, which also collapsed before it even developed any roots. The kids turned out to be unabashed little brats not the least bit interested in learning unless there was a structure imposed upon them. Who would have known?? /sarc

Anywho, the whole bunch was very opposed to Western civilization and the capitalist, free market way of doing things. They were green before there was much of a green movement. Most of them were university students or lecturers with one or two full fledged professors, if I recall correctly. About the only thing they accomplished was burning up a whole lot of weed.

Anyway, one of the members of their crowd was into steeling her food from the grocery stores on principle.

It doesn't surprise me that some folks who buy green are pretty heavy into the counter-culture way of bringing civilization down, one irresponsible act at a time.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.....


Blogger Indigo Red said...

Not surprised. I don't feel so guilty when I toss Green stuff because the adverse affects are so small no one will ever notice. The old stuff was so blasted harmful, I actually disposed of it in an environmentally responsible manner even before environazis existed.

It's like all the safety devices on cars that allow people to drive extremely fast and stupidly because in the event of a crash, they'll probably survive. In the old days, folks drove slower and responsibly because death in a crash was far more likely.

Ultimately, safety is dangerous.

October 11, 2009 1:34 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Morning, Indigo! You're up early, but I guess today is a work day for you. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. And ha, ha. I get to stay home. It's Thanksgiving here.

And yes. Today's "greens", are yesterday's radical nutbar groupies, at least here in Canada. Pretty much a fringe group but amazingly and frustratingly influential on government. We have a Green Party that routinely gets no more than 10% of the popular vote and has the amusing habit of fielding the most hilariously embarrassing nut cases as candidates.

Being green of course, makes them soooo superior and therefore entitled to rebel against the mainstream values of the society that sustains them and carry out tiny acts of rebellion against the legions of ordinary folk who actually work to maintain that society.

I regularly (well, irregularly) go head on with one of our resident greens on my blogroll - Saskboy at Abandoned Stuff. A coherent sustained argument he simply cannot make.

October 12, 2009 7:55 am  

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