Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The 'Alternative' Nobel

I did not know about this award. The Right Livelihood Award is what it's called and apparently it aims to recognize people for their work in "social justice".

(*cough* *hack*)

Last year's recipients seem to be worthy enough individuals, an Indian couple who work with the low caste untouchables for their betterment, a Somali women's rights activist, a German gynaecologist who helps sexually abused woman and an American independent journalist. Sounds all motherhood and apple pie-ish, no?

This year, it has gone to Rene Ngongo, of Greenpeace, for his efforts "to protect the Congolese rain forest".

(Greenpeace, huh.)

Also a recipient this year was Catherine Hamlin, "an Australian doctor who lives in Ethiopia, for her medical research benefiting women" and a New Zealander, Alyn Ware, for his "efforts on nuclear disarmament".

(All very good, of course.)

But, apparently, Canada's own Dr. Fruit Fly was a runner up "for raising awareness of climate change".

(*cough* *hack* *spew*)
"Despite the scientific warnings about the imminent threat and disastrous impacts of climate change and despite our knowledge about solutions, the global response to this crisis is still painfully slow and largely inadequate," the Right Livelihood Award Jury said.

"At the same time, the threat from nuclear weapons has by no means diminished, and the treatable diseases of poverty shame our common humanity," it added.

"The 2009 Right Livelihood Award Recipients demonstrate concretely what has to be done in order to tackle climate change, rid the world of nuclear weapons, and provide crucial medical treatment to the poor and marginalised."
Well, that's all I need to know about that group. I'm nominating it for the Darwin Award.


Blogger powdergirl said...

Sounds pretty crack-pot to me.

I'll second your nomination.

October 15, 2009 11:16 am  

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