Monday, August 31, 2009


Or better yet, just fold it up and assign it to the trash bin. Why oh why are we expected to pay for this??!!!!

CBC in hot water over racial comments
"The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said it received hundreds of complaints about a New Year’s Eve show on Radio-Canada featuring numerous jokes about blacks, domestic violence and anglophones.

In one sketch, comedian Jean-Francois Mercier says, “It would be good to have a “negre” in the White House” because the colour contrast would make it “easier to shoot him.”

The CRTC said CBC exercised “insufficient prudence” in allowing the term to be used. The French word “negre” often translates as negro but can mean the n-word.

The show’s portrayal of black people — as thieves and lower class workers, and as the butt of jokes about blacks looking alike and black men having large genitalia — violated television regulations, the watchdog said."
Not only do we have a tax-funded broadcaster making hundreds, perhaps thousands (how many didn't formally complain?) of people angry and offended, but we have to petition another Big Brother agency, the CRTC, in order to do something about it. If it was privatized, its corporate sponsors would have received mountains of angry mail from unhappy viewers, who might otherwise be exposed to their commercials and potentially become customers. Those sponsors would have been stuffing their advertising dollars into bags and taking them somewhere else. In the real world people vote on the appropriateness of a broadcaster's offerings with their money and that's what makes a broadcaster profitable or not.

But not so in Canada. We have big brother taking care of us and an arts community bent on producing all sorts of rubbish that thinks they are entitled to take our money in order to fund it. And at the same time, fewer and fewer of us are tuning in.


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