Friday, August 21, 2009

Fine Bunch of Bastards

Ahmadinejad announces his cabinet
"Yet as soon as he went on state TV last night, the capital erupted with defiant cries of "Death to the dictator!" and "God is Great!" from rooftops and windows. It was the same defiant chants in other major cities, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Abadan, and Kermanshah."
" of his appointed advisers, his brother-in-law and chief of staff, Rahim Mashaei, has been convicted on charges of financial impropriety by the Supreme Audit Court and has been suspended from his government post for two months."
"Ahmadinejad's proposed defence minister is former Quds Force chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Ahmad Vahidi. He is wanted by the interpol."
And from the comments:
"With the Vahidi appointment, the Argentinian government should have enough shame and self-respect to cut off relations with a regime brazen enough to give its defense portfolio to a man alleged to have massacred hundreds of Argentinian citizens in the worst attack on Jews outside Israel since the Holocaust."
Still wanna talk with them, Obama?

Meanwhile, shades of Saddam Hussein.

Iran lets in UN inspectors ahead of nuclear report

After, of course, there has been plenty of time to hide the evidence.


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