Friday, July 17, 2009


Ongoing bits from Twitter #iranelection (Exactly as posted in the original. No verification possible.):
"We are unafraid and charging to WIN. The day is getting closer by the minute"
Video: "Honking for freedom on the streets of Tehran"

"Iran Women are being targetted by Basiij, attacked / abducted. Brothers! Protect your sisters!"

Azarmehr has videos and into about the widespread "Down with Russia" chant and the reasons for it.

"IF you have any brother/sister/son at Basij, police or military: Go talk to them, let them choose of the people!"

"why was it not possble to take the IRIB State TV Today ?"

"If ppl turn out in these numbers and more on August 2nd we can stop Ahmadinejad inauguration."


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