Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More On Omar "F**K Canada" Shaban

Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington writes an interesting column about this fool. Quoting extensively from Shaban's own words, it's very apparent that poor boy hasn't got a clue about the history of Canada's treatment of its first peoples. Look at this line of bullshit in particular:
"I apologize to the indigenous people of Canada because their feelings are not taken into consideration at Canada Day celebrations ... and because they had to be slaughtered, killed, massacred, diseased (sic) and dispossessed to establish Canada."
Say what??!!! Exactly where and when did Canada slaughter, kill, massacre or "diseased" any First Nations people?? Some of those things may be said of American treatment of Native Americans, but so what? Find me a place in the world where the record of mans inhumanity to man isn't full of this stuff. For the most part, whatever slaughtering and killing took place was in the context of wars in which various Indian tribes allied themselves with one or the other of the completing European powers. Shit happens in wars. Indians killed Indians. Whites killed whites and they both killed each other.

The "diseased" bit is especially ridiculous. The one and only instance of germ warfare on record (ie. documentary evidence actually exists), and it is somewhat debatable if you care to read reputable historical research, was the infamous smallpox infested blanket incident and it was the Brits, Jeffery Amherst, to be exact, that did that during the French and Indian Wars of 1763. Speculation exists of other incidents of similar tactics occurring during the American Revolutionary War, again by the Brits. (See Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775 - 1882 by Elizabeth A. Fenn) There was no country called Canada then. No one could have foreseen 100 years into the future. Canada can hardly be blamed for actions taken on the battlefield a full century before the country was created.

Kinda of have to wonder what he was being taught in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University in BC, where he is a student. I've never heard of this institution. Must be a stalwart edifice of political correctness.

You'll notice he neglects to mention the valiant efforts of medical professionals in both Canada and the US to inoculate Indians against deadly diseases in more recent times. Does he know about the Hudson's Bay Company's efforts over the many years to provide medical services to the Indians with which they traded? Does he know about the medicine chest clause in Treaty 6 and how, whether accurately or not, that has been interpreted? Apparently, no. These sorts of documented historical facts are deliberately excluded from so many Native Studies curricula, it's little wonder.

Oh. And what about this line of BS "because their feelings are not taken into consideration at Canada Day celebrations"? "Feelings"? Typical Arab cult-of-perpetual-victimhood-poor-me-speak. This guy is a disciple of Edward Said, lock, stock and barrel.

As the saying goes, it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.


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Clueless people are nonetheless still dangerous, poisoning the minds by their cheap propaganda.

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