Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nine Weeks Old

Last remaining survivor of the Titanic dies, aged 97

Apparently, she was only nine weeks old when that fateful voyage took place.
On April 14, four days into the voyage, the ship struck an iceberg and Millvina’s father told his wife, Georgette, to wrap up Millvina and her one-year-old brother, Bertram, and take them up on deck. Here, among scenes of chaos and panic, the infant Millvina was placed with her mother and brother aboard Lifeboat 10 and lowered into the icy waters of the North Atlantic, leaving her father behind on the dying liner.
Even as a baby on the Adriatic which ferried her back to England she attracted attention. The Daily Mirror reported that she “was the pet of the liner during the voyage” with “rivalry between women to nurse this lovable mite of humanity”.
Okay. Here comes those sentimental tears again.


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