Monday, March 02, 2009

Johns Hopkins Sanctions Gilbert Burnham

h/t Iraq Pundit

Iraqi Researcher sanctioned
"The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is sanctioning the lead author of a 2006 study that suggested massive civilian deaths in Iraq.

The school announced yesterday that it is barring Gilbert M. Burnham from serving as a principal investigator on projects involving human subjects, saying he violated school policies by collecting the names of those interviewed."
Interesting. These people must have known that if the researchers weren't happy with what they said, some goon (ala Saddam Hussein's era) could come after them. You don't suppose that would have influenced the results, now do you?

Hopkins Professor Accused of ethics violation in Iraq study
"Officials of the association, of which Burnham is not a member, said Burnham refused to disclose the wording of his questions and basic methodological details of his research, a violation of the group's code of ethics and practices. That makes it impossible for other researchers to verify the work, said Mary E. Losch, chairwoman of the AAPOR's Standards Committee.

"If you're not willing to provide information about how you conducted a study, we believe that is problematic," said Losch, a psychologist at the University of Northern Iowa."
So the guy has an ethics problem. Sounds like more than just ethics, to me. Maybe agenda might be the better word. Surprise, surprise.


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