Thursday, February 19, 2009

Iraqi Voters Prove Something...

...but of course, the MSM misses it.

I scanned the headlines just now and couldn't find any story about results of Iraq's provincial elections which were released today. Soooo, I had to type in the word Iraq and do a search on the news button. Lots of stories out there, of course, but just none that were fit to put at the top of the fold.

Try these ones for starters:

Iraq MPs allies win control of oil hub Basra

Good news, of course, since Maliki is a centrist with a commitment to democracy. The Sadrist will be sad. Mucky and his sponsors, the Mad Mullah's, must be dizzy with rage.

US-backed Sunni group takes Anbar

Really bad news for al Qaeda, if there is anything left of it. The Sunni's have secured their place in provincial politics and will likely be a major force come the country wide national elections at the end of the year.

Maliki list tops Iraq poll but needs alliances

Well, well. No more dictatorships for Iraq. Alliances and cooperation have won the day.

Keep going Iraq!!! The Cradle of Civilization is rising again.


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